WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF USING A POLUX 5? As the fifth generation of this ground-breaking technology, the POLUX 5 far exceeds both previous generations and all other testing methods currently available. The innovative screw-mounted design allows for testing at any angle, in any location, regardless of attachments.

The lightweight design (barely over six pounds) and wireless Bluetooth communication allow for convenient and fast testing, when you need it, where you need it done. As if this were not enough, the POLUX data provides an actual percentage of fiber strength and expected life left in a pole. Calculations based on actual science, not on speculation.  

Your team can easily test a pole and receive reliable data in mere minutes, allowing them to know for sure if a specific pole is stable. The ease of use allows for the testing of 75-100 (yes really, 75 to one hundred) poles per day in normal geographical conditions. Easily meet federal testing and inspection guidelines well within your budget and within your timeframe. The data is available immediately for you to use to make sound decisions for your employees and infrastructure.

Inner-Pole Projects and Utilities that have used the Polux NDT Testing. 2010 – 2018

  • Southern Iowa Electric Cooperative, Bloomfield Iowa
  • Access Energy Electric Cooperative, Mt Pleasant Iowa
  • Chariton Valley Electric Cooperative, Albia Iowa
  • Dawson Public Power, Lexington Nebraska
  • Co Mo Electric, Columbia Ms.
  • Cuivre River Electric Coop, Troy Ms.
  • Stueben Electric, NY
  • Gunnison County Electric, Gunnison Co.
  • San Luis Valley Electric, Monte Vista Co.
  • Western Area Power Admin, AZ, CA, CO.
  • Powder River Electric, Wyoming
  • Win Energy, Vincentia Indiana
  • Oakridge National Labs, Oakridge TN.
  • Heart Of Texas Electric, McGregor Tx.
  • Nevada Solar, Bullhead NV
  • Yuma University, Yuma Az


Inner-Pole has been inspecting and testing wood utility poles in the U.S.A. using the POLUX technology since 2010. As the exclusive distributor of the POLUX in the United States,  our teams have tested hundreds of thousands of poles with the POLUX in the U.S. and we have seen the benefit to utility companies from the East coast to the West coast and all points in between.