How Does it Work?


Know your pole strength

Our technology utilizes two thin probes which, when inserted into the pole measure both the moisture content and the resistance (recorded as the PSI of force) of the probes. These measurements help to discern the remaining fiber strength of the wood itself, which specifically speaks to the fiber strength recommendations set forth in ANSI guidelines (see ANSI publication 05.1). The probe measurements are combined using PICUS software (field data collection software) with information about the pole’s wood species, age/class, along with any preservative (e.g., Penta) present to scientifically deduce the remaining fiber strength of the pole.

WHAT IS THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE POLUX?  The POLUX was developed over 20 years ago at the prestigious Wood Structures Institute (IBOIS) of the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in cooperation with several European utilities companies. The POLUX was specifically designed from the outset to measure the strength and remaining life of wood utility poles. Testing and validation was performed  by testing and then actually breaking thousands of wood poles to obtain accurate and objective data with real-world applications for your utility.  The scientific basis of the POLUX and related data far surpass the subjective and often tragically flawed nature of traditional methods such as sound and bore.  


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Inner-Pole has been inspecting and testing wood utility poles in the U.S.A. using the POLUX technology since 2010. As the exclusive distributor of the POLUX in the United States,  our teams have tested hundreds of thousands of poles with the POLUX in the U.S. and we have seen the benefit to utility companies from the East coast to the West coast and all points in between.


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